Caspian Above Ground Pool

Caspian above ground pool is a durable hybrid salt compabible pool . The Caspian comes in a modern grey and charcoal color with a pixel wall pattern.  It features resin top ledges ,  resin stabilizer and resin bottom rail and comes in a choice of round or oval shape.

Round Shape

Available sizes

  • › 15' diameter × 52"
  • › 18' diameter × 52"
  • › 21' diameter × 52"
  • › 24' diameter × 52"
  • › 27' diameter × 52"
  • › 30' diameter × 52"
  • › 33' diameter × 52"

Oval Shape

Available sizes

  • › 15' × 30' × 52"
  • › 18' × 33' × 52"


  • › Steel posts and resin top seats
  • › Superior protection
  • › Resin and traditional components
  • › Yardmore system
  • › Salt chlorination systems Compatible
  • › 52" wall height
  • › 7" resin top seats
  • › Wall has Pixel motif
  • › Grey top seats and posts


Illumina Lighting System :

  • - Solar energy lighting system
  • - Top seat connectors with solar cells
  • - Integrated side lights
  • - Works autonomously
  • - Can be installed on any caspian pools


  • Limited lifetime warranty with first four years without depreciation. Original owner only.
  • See 2017 Aqua Leader warranty & consumer support program.



pool pictogram

A true fortress, the pool wall is made of galvanized steel, covered with rust-resistant plastic paint, 14 treatments plus corrugation increase its strength and endurance.
In the case of our wooden pools, the MCA (micronized copper azole) treatment under pressure, approved by Health Canada, gives the pool an in-depth protection against fungus, termites and other harmful insects.


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This system eliminates the props that traditionally support oval pools. They are more aesthetic and also maximize land space.

Resin Components

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All resin parts are made of synthetic resin, a new generation of improved resin, in which an ultraviolet and anti-static stabilizer are incorporated.
Developed in Canada, it is specifically designed for our rigorous climate.

Traditional Components

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The structural parts of the pool wall are made of rust-resistant galvanized steel, it adapts perfectly to all type of soils. A textured resin is added to the posts and top seats for extra protection against UV rays’ damaging effects.

NACL Compatible

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Compatible with all salt chlorination system.

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About Aqua Leader

We are proud to be associated with one of the largest North-American brand names in the design and fabrication of above ground pools; Aqua Leader. Founded in 1975, over the years this company has earned a reputation of quality and expertise. Its products, resulting from cutting-edge engineering, are adapted to our climate and are backed by a solid guarantee.