Vida Inground Pool Steps

Steel Steps & Benches

Looking for something a little different? Steel steps are a gorgeous addition to any swimming pool. The step becomes part of your pool  owing seamlessly with the design. Covered by the vinyl pattern of your choice, steel steps and benches can be as big as you like, even stretching the entire width of your pool. A steel bench in the deep end turns into a place to rest and relax. The options are endless with steel. Imagine a platform to put your lounge chair on, dipping your feet in when you need to cool off. Steel steps, sun decks and benches can be customized, just the way you want, or you can pick from a variety of shapes and styles we’ve already designed for you.

Fiberglass Reinforced Acrylic Steps

Step into your pool with ease with a berglass step. Available in various shapes, sizes and colours, a fiberglass step can compliment any shape you choose. A larger step can be a playground for your small kids, or a great place to relax and cool down. A smaller step is ideal for a tighter space or in a smaller yard. Steps in the deep end are a great way to get out of the pool effortlessly; the list goes on. With all the colours and sizes to choose from you’ll be sure to find your perfect fit.

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